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Fanfiction & Fanart Masterlist

Most fanart (mostly KuroFai and some gen) can be found on DeviantArt, the art that's only up on LJ is listed below!


Art - Fai/Yuui
[poledancing1] - [poledancing2 + making out] - [umbrella] - [facepaint] - [braiding] - [alleyway]

Art - KuroFai and gen
[KF 7x shibari] - [4x dinosaurs] - [kitchenfights] - [KF Tarzan] - [7x Sketch Dump] - [3x ballet] - [2x emasculating Kurogane] - [Kuro-parasol]

Art/Fic collaboration
Fai/Yuui Inkspots, with reikah - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20


Fic - TRC
Calling Mom
Yuui introduces his mother to the wonders of technology. Fai introduces Yuui to a whole new level of inappropriate. (NC-17, Horitsuba, FaiYuui, Kurogane, crack)

Crimes of War | Epilogue
Kurogane can't even consider forgiving Fai for his betrayal. When his former lover is brought before him as a prisoner of war, emotions become hard to rein in.
(NC-17, AU, KuroFai, Angst - non-con, blood, violence, generally disturbing)

Intern Docters Drabble
Awkward adults.
(PG-13, AU, KuroFai, Fluff)

Little Girl's Day Out
Kurogane should have known better than to smoke whatever Fai pushes his way. It'd have spared him the frilly dress.
(NC-17, KuroFai, Crack, general craziness, PWP)

Yama brings out the worst in all of them.
(NC-17, hints at KuroFai, Angst - rape, blood, violence, death)

Put out my eyes
Fai is dying, and Kurogane is helpless.
(PG-13, post-series, KuroFai, character death)

There is more to the silent art student than meets the eye, and Kurogane soon finds himself drawn into a chase for Fai's past, during which he fears in turns for his lover's life and sanity.
(NC-17, AU, KuroFai, Angst - mystery)

Scarred for Life
Syaoran is getting the impression that his surrogate parents are doing this on purpose.
(NC-17, utter crack)

Blood That Dries on Sand     1 | 2 | 3 | 4
In the wake of conquering Creta, the first mage of Ceres finds himself not only unexpectedly burdened with far too much politics, but also with a rather obstinate “wife.”
(NC-17, AU, KuroFai, eventually sexual content)

Red Riding Hood      1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | epilogue
Fai has never been truly afraid of the wolf, and the wolf finds himself attracted in turn. But there is more happening in the small town of Hamelin than idle gossip - darkness is spreading over the kindom.
(NC-17, AU, KuroFai, SyaoSaku, DouWata, sexual content, WIP)

What's Waiting Beyond 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | epilogue
Dragons. In space. Which makes perfect sense. Remixed version of Catch A Dragon By The Tail by reikah!
(PG-13, AU, KuroFai, SyaoSaku, disturbing imagery)


Fic - CCS
Dropping Stitches
Sakura is changing clothes, Tomoyo silently watches her own feelings change.
(PG-13, one-sided TomoSaku, fluff, slight angst)

The Obligatory DW Moving Note

Hi everyone!

In the rush of the whole creative pool of my fandom (and many good friends) leaving LJ, I'm moving over to DW, as well! (There are a also few very good of reasons for which I love DW - it's really worth giving it a try! <3)

I'm not abandoning LJ completely, but I think updates on this page will be even more sparse than up to now. I'm not sure I want to copy-paste all of my fic over to DW, yet - for now, updates of old WIPs will be posted on both DW and LJ, while new stories will go to DW exclusively.

I will try to keep my masterlist on LJ updated - however, if you want to make sure (forgive my forgetful mind) I'd ask you to check the my masterlist on DW, as well.

Thank you guys for everything! \o/

doujin translation - yume utsutsu kairou

Best thing to procrastinate: have the rough, occasionally guessed at translation for "Yume Utsutsu Kairou" - "The long, winding corridor of dreams" - as requested by phoebeyuu, in this entry in the kurofai comm.

Title: Yume Utsutsu Kairou
Circle/Artist: shirokurofc
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurogane and Fai have settled down in Suwa after their journey ends; but the ninja's dreams and fears won't rest as easily as he had hoped.

click meeee~Collapse )

a/n: I'M... I'M TOTALLY WRITING ON THE SECRET SANTA! I PROMISE IT WILL BE UP VERY, VERY SOON! PROBABLY! /flails dramatically, vanishes into the depth of word

My Laptop died DDDD:

Or if it hasn't died, yet, it's in its death throes. As it is, not even the assistant that claims it could start Windows 7 in the safe mode is working. And to my horror I found out, that the dumb idiot who sold it to me never included a recovery dvd in the Package... DDD: (Of course I was also too dumb to even know that I'd need one and so didn't go complain two years ago when I bought it... >.>) I'm not sure whether this means I've lost EVERYTHING I've been working on so far, or whether my Toshiba will randomly boot, after all, after I've let it rest for a few days... Maybe it just wants a holiday, too. (Or make me go buying those presents I was supposed to go looking for, today. :p)

At least that one wasn't the only pc in this house, which means I'm at least not going to be completely cut off! \o/ (And will be a bit mollified as soon as I find out why this one won't let me download msn.)

Strangely enough, I don't feel much of a loss for most of the unfinished docs and pics that died with the pc... I guess I'll just have to start anew, and that's never such a bad thing. Now I just need to make up some way to safe my Secret Santa from going to hell, and everything will be alright. XD

Much love and christmass-y feelings to everyone! ♥

Fanart - Fai's favorite pillow

...oh, who am I kidding? It's just more ridiculous sketches for girl!Kurogane from reikah's lovely fic snippets. :p

NSFW, because of the nekkid!Collapse )

Fanart - Beautific


That said...

beware, he has a parasol!Collapse )

The shenanigans I have been up to...

Hi everyone!

Here are two sketches, specifically torturing Kurogane with some gender confusion, today! These are NSFW, so take care! o/

Click here for Kuro-manly <3Collapse )

Fic - What’s Waiting Beyond (5/7)

Title: What’s Waiting Beyond (5/7)
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [epilogue]
Pairings: KuroFai, SyaoSaku
Word count for this chapter: 8,022
Rating: NC-17 (whoops)
Warnings: hints at sex (that totally was unplanned for, they just can't keep to themselves), violence, gore, stupid silliness, semi-coherent rambling on technology
Summary: On one of his missions, Kurogane meets a strange woman at a devastated space station. The nightmares from his past return. And he somehow won't get rid of that particular idiot blabbering at him about dragons.
Author’s Note: This is a remix of the highly recommended Catch A Dragon By The Tail by [info]reikah. The plot catches up and stuff in this chapter! Hooray! (Plot, you're late.)

Enter Xing Huo...Collapse )

Fic - Deanon: Scarred for Life

Title: Scarred for Life
Pairings: KuroFai, SyaoFai, SyaoSaku
Word count: 1,700
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexual situations, not recommended use of vegetables, crack
Summary: Syaoran gets the distinct impression that his surrogate parents are doing this on purpose.
a/n: Written for this prompt on the kinkmeme. Fai/Syaoran, “wet dream.” Oh, how I love trolling him. ♥

You know they're overdoing it when the ceiling starts coming downCollapse )